About HnH Engineering

Will Austin Herbert and Children Hannah and Hayden

HnH Engineering Inc. was created and named for Will Herbert’s twin daughters, Hannah and Hayden Herbert. Will’s devotion and love for them not only motivated the creation of the firm, but will continue to be the main source of motivation behind the superior professional services HnH Engineering provide.

The horseshoe in the logo came from Will’s father. When building small steel structures on his land, Will’s father would always incorporate a horseshoe as his trademark. Will has added the horseshoe in the firm’s logo to represent the Herbert name. The horseshoe embodies strength, honesty, loyalty, dependability, hard work and discipline; all values given to Will by his parents.

With 20 years of experience, Will has had the opportunity to work on a number of diverse projects. During this time Will has realized the importance of maintaining positive and open communication with his clients. HnH Engineering services are much more than engineering… HnH strives every day to be responsive, clear on communication, and make every effort possible to meet or exceed their clients’ goals. Hannah and Hayden are Will’s pride and joy, and HnH Engineering will represent them well.

Will Austin Herbert
PE President HnH Engineering, Inc.